How to use mindfulness very practically to help you personally in business.

Here are three key ways that you can implement mindfulness in a very practical way in your personal life and career.

How to use mindfulness very practically to help you personally in business.


Susan recently interviewed J'aime Nowak on the podcast and she quoted that "success leaves clues".  The internet abounds with lists of things that successful people have done which may include starting your day at 5 a.m. or even our own five-minute series articles.

Let's talk about something that has gained huge popularity in recent years. Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the acknowledgement of one's thoughts and feelings, allowing them to enter your mind and accepting them without judgement.

Susan talks about mindfulness in a way that helps her be present in the business. She hasn't suffered jetlag in years (despite four trips to the US and five trips to Asia in the past year alone). She says that she switches her watch to the timezone in question the minute she gets on the plane and acts like she would at that time immediately (she wouldn't start watching a movie at 2 a.m. at home so why would she do so just after taking off from the US on an overnight flight?). Further, she "tells" her brain that it is whatever time it is now and that's that. Susan has often been quoted as saying "I don't entertain jetlag and a little discipline ensures that to be the case". You can learn many other ways she manages her energy during this podcast.

Chloe Walsh has recently joined the Savvy Teens team with Susan and she shares her thoughts on this. Chloe says "Very often I have so many thoughts or ideas that I find it difficult to act on them sufficiently before they dissipate into the clouds, literally. Mindful meditation provides me with the ability to control my thoughts. I can write and work without feeling like I'm chasing after those thoughts. The app that I love for mindful meditation is Headspace. It's free and caters for all levels of meditation experience."

Here are three key things that are proven to change when you decide to incorporate some mindfulness into your daily routine.

1. Improved working memory.

Chloe invites us to question "Who wouldn't want to improve the memory capacity? For those of you in leadership roles or starting your own business, your memory is key to success in the world of business and beyond."

Who wouldn't want to improve the memory capacity? For those of you in leadership roles or starting your own business, your memory is key to success in the world of business and beyond."

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Susan agrees with this and notes that "I've trained my brain to be focused on the client 100% when I'm in a meeting or completely on our Savvy Teens when they're in with us during a Corporate TY Work ExperienceSummer programme. First, I set the intention of doing so and secondly, if I ever find my attention wandering, I'm very quick to catch myself. We always expect dedicated service from our suppliers so for a start, we should practise what we preach and secondly, our customers deserve our full attention"

2. Improved attention control.

Do you ever find your mind wandering in the middle of a conversation with your colleagues? Chloe says "More often than I would care to admit, I find myself pulling my attention back to whatever it is I was doing. Whether it be working on an assignment for college, or simply having a conversation with a friend. Sometimes it can feel as though your mind is restless for adventure."

This is where mindfulness comes in. Studies have shown that prolonged mindfulness meditation increases your ability to focus on the task at hand. You can train your brain to give 100% of your energy and attention the things that matter.

Susan says "I'm very aware that mindfulness means that I'm totally in the zone with the next client or next speaking event or next brainstorm or next weekly call with a staff member. Therefore, I ensure to put the notes from the meeting that I'm having on our Slack channel so that other members of our team can start working on them right away. The key action points are put on our project management app Trello  so that I can move to the next meeting knowing that I've effectively conducted, as Ciara Conlon (The Productivity Coach)  describes it a "digital download".

3. Building self-confidence.

You may consider yourself a self-confident person. Chloe says "You may think that nothing can shake the belief you have in yourself. This might be true for some. However, some comments that people make can often knock my self-confidence for just a moment. This is completely normal. Self-confidence is something that we can continuously improve upon. Researchers at the University of Westminister concluded that secular mindful meditation enhanced the self-confidence of people in leadership roles. Not only that, they found that skills such as inspiring a shared vision and demonstrating moral intelligence were also enhanced.

One of the most enticing reasons for incorporating meditation into my life was to reduce stress. When you're following your dream, starting your own business or helping someone else follow their dream, life can be stressful. Mindful meditation reduces immediate stress in your life while also building your ability to stay composed in stressful situations."

Susan chimes in on this. "It was actually Dr. Sean Dunphy introduced me to mindfulness as far back as my Leaving Cert. He recommended "The Power of Now " to help me navigate my way through my exams. I distinctly remember him saying (in the dulcet tones of a Cork accent), "it's like this Susan. You can't be worrying about the future if you're focused on the present". This is a true statement that I've repeated to myself countless times in moments of anxiety about the future.

There you have it! Mindfulness can be useful in many ways personally as you pursue an even greater path towards career success.


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