The Emigrant Edge: How to make it big in America - Book Review

Ever wonder how all those people who move to another country or city end up having incredibly successful careers? Although it may have much to do with their own motivation and hard work, it may be something else entirely.

The Emigrant Edge: How to make it big in America - Book Review

Ever wonder how all those people who move to another country or city end up having incredibly successful careers? Although it may have much to do with their own motivation and hard work, it may be something else entirely.

Brian Buffini The Emigrant EdgeBrian Buffini, the author of The Emigrant Edge, suggests that there may be significant effects of becoming an immigrant that gives you the recipe for success. I came across Brian when my husband's cousin who went to school with him (yes, it's a very Irish story) suggested I checked out his work. So I did.

Dublin born and raised, Buffini moved to San Diego with only $92 in his pocket. Going on to build one of the largest real estate coaching businesses in America, he discusses how he utilised his position as an emigrant to reach success.

Now I didn't know if I was reading this book from the point of view of someone who has never been an immigrant, or someone who spends intermitting time being an immigrant in many cultures. I've a funny relationship with Global Irish community - I'm part of them but still live in Ireland.However, it's a position which is so common in today's world. Lots of people travel so often in their careers that the ideas Buffini describes in this book can be applied in more scenarios than ever.

Buffini portrays the many advantages and disadvantages of being an emigrant. He subtly encourages you to leverage the opportunities you already have to enable you to chase your version of the American dream. A key tenet of being "The Positive Economist" is focusing on what we can do and through that, I love sharing opportunities and practical ideas for your advancement.

So, why should we be reading this book?

From cover to cover, it's packed with ways with which you can have the emigrant edge and I've put several of them to great use already.

Be consistent. 

Consistency is key to being successful. We are all well versed in the importance of this in our lives. Although it's not easy, it can be made to seem manageable. By setting smaller goals you can easily work towards a larger success in the long term. 

For example, I was in Virginia with a client on an educational consultancy assignment for two weeks. I used that time to take up swimming and as I told our Savvy Teens afterwards, it was life changing.  I had a broken foot at the time and so any potentially scheduled running time or sporadic gym class was impossible and the excuse to not do anything was far too easy. Instead, swimming was a more suitable exercise. Of course, I was frustrated when after just three nights of swimming I had not seen a change! To ensure that I kept my motivation high, I kept focused on achieving the smaller goal. The amazing thing I found was that when I got into that pool without anything else to do but swim up and down, solutions to problems and inspirational ideas bubbled right up to the surface. It's as a magical key to my own better thinking could be unlocked in the water. I now have a notebook where I record my "thoughts from the pool" and I've turned many of them into action already.

The key thing about consistency is doing small things over and over. I've built my responsiveness in this way. I've built accountability systems this way . I've built selling techniques  this way. My next mile in the pool is going to be dedicated to wondering what small action I can take next to turn it into an incrementally impactful output!

Become Exceptional. 

In today's world, there is a trend of exceeding expectations. We all want to be the best, and stand out from others. Of course, going above and beyond expectations is important. This sets you apart from your competitors. However, it is even more important that you meet their expectations first.
For example, when in Virginia, I observed a couple of things from an experience during an Uber trip.My expectations were met, in that I arrived at my destination safely and in a good amount of time. However, I made a split second decision to stop at a Walgreens (to buy a homeopathic remedy as I had been bitten  by a mosquitos). The driver was willing to wait for me, didn't charge extra for doing so and pulled right up to the door when I came out of the shop. Exceeding expectations, he ensured I was comfortable the entire journey, providing outstanding customer experience. 

I was MC at "The Future of Retail" in Dublin earlier on in the year and we had a conversation about how this idea now has a new label. It's called "customer experience" - simply doing what you say you will. (I wrote a piece dedicated to the topic thereafter and it's an industry that I will come back to again and again -The Future of Retail: it's data, yes - but not only.)

Meeting expectations, or "going the first mile" as Buffini refers to it, is key to building important relationships in the world of business. You will always be remembered by those whose expectations you meet and exceed. This is how you will be seen as exceptional by those who work with you. 

Upgrade your input.

Have you ever stopped to think about the subtle influence others have on your success? Their subtle input into your life might just change your mentality for future decisions you make that could enhance the success of your business. Buffini challenges us to look at the things we listen to, read and watch.
Really look at these inputs into our life and evaluate how useful they are to us. Challenge yourself to cut out the things in your life that don't hold value to you, and replace them with something that challenges your views perhaps. 

For example, one thing that I've done to broaden the input into my life is actively seeking out podcasts that I might disagree with. In this way, I'm actively working on being more diverse and inclusive rather than giving lip service to the motion. Of course, it's not always easy to listen to those with different viewpoints to you, but that is exactly why you should be doing so. Challenge your assumptions and if they're worth holding, they're worth defending! Broadening the views and opinions that come into your life might just improve the views that you project back out into the world. 
We have a podcast series right here at Savvy Women Online, a wide range of economics and entrepreneurship articles at The Positive Economist , a YouTube channel  if you want to look through the lens of the younger people around you in school and college and of course, a busy FaceBook video page  where you can find lots more book reviews! We should surely be able to set you on the right road!

Think about creating a small habit that could change something greater in your life. Whether it's taking up an activity as I'm continuing to do with swimming or simply responding to all correspondence within a certain amount of time, there is sure to be great benefit from implementing small changes into your daily routine. From meeting the expectations you have set for yourself and your business to evaluating the value of the input in your life, there is so much that you can do right now that can give you the emigrant edge.

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