HayesCulleton's two flagship Savvy Women courses, "Starting out in the workplace, Going back to work" and "Taking your career to the next level", are available to corporate clients as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.


Starting out in the workplace, going back to work

This course is aimed at women from disadvantaged circumstances or going through a difficult time in their life. In some cases, finding work might be a matter of survival to them.

Going back to work after years and years out of the workforce can be deeply uncomfortable, or even downright terrifying.

After years spent raising a family or facing long term unemployment, their self-confidence might have been eroded and they might doubt their skills and abilities. This is especially true if they have had to overcome challenges like abuse or chronic illness.

The objective of the HayesCulleton course "Savvy Women - Starting out in the workplace, Going back to work" is to renew self-confidence and give attendees very concrete, practical tools they will be able to rely on whenever they face a challenge.

With hands-on workshops, the course will give women the tools to expand their comfort zone and aim higher

Download the course description:

Savvy Women Courses Going Back to Work (472.6 KB)Starting out in the workplace, going back to work (472.6 KB)

Taking your career to the next level

This course will mentor and develop women to provide the company with a talent pipeline full of eager, diverse candidates who are confident in their future within the organisation.

There has been much talk in recent years about gender equality in the workplace. While the causal relation still needs to be explored in more detail, there seems to be a clear correlation between companies' financial results and female representation at senior levels.

Take this opportunity to be a leader for equality and diversity in the workplace, reduce team friction and turnover and attract ambitious talent eager to show what they can do

Download the course description:

Taking your career to the next level (485.1 KB)Taking your career to the next level (485.1 KB)


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