Empower Webinar 3/3: Evening Event

In this podcast you will hear a live discussion from Noelline Blackwell and Clare Desbonnet an invite-only event around women's struggle to find their own voice and the balance of being a leader at home and in work.

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This podcast exists thanks to The Empower Programme which helps fast track female-led businesses.


"I always feel the movement is a sort of mosaic. Each of us puts in one little stone, and then you get a great mosaic at the end.

Alice Paul

On the 8th of September 2020, Susan had the opportunity to host The Empower Explore webinar 2020, a female-led event focusing on enabling women in business to fast-track their success by connecting with a network of women who are on a similar journey. 

The Empower programme is run by the GMIT Innovation Hubs and is aimed at women in the west of Ireland who are either in the early stages of their business (18 months or less) or those who are looking to start scaling their business. Those behind The Empower programme have kindly allowed us to share the audio recordings from this year's webinar, showcasing the incredible women who spoke at the event, the knowledge and support shared throughout the day. 

In this episode, you will have exclusive access to the interviews that took place during the invite-only event hosted by Susan. You will hear from two women; Noeline Blackwell (CEO of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre) and Dr Clare Desbonnet (Experienced Senior Leader in Quality and Operations - KATA Coach - Network Galway's Outstanding Businesswoman of the Year 2020).


"It's not fair but what can we do about it?"

Noeline Blackwell (DRCC)Noeline Blackwell Profile

The fight for gender equality has not always been easy but thanks to people like Noeline Blackwell all of our futures look brighter and more opportunistic. Using the words from her youth to guide her through life and the understanding of the world she gained through studying and working in Law, Noeline sees the injustice in the world and fights to give women back their voices. 

During her conversation with Susan, Noeline describes how women make incredible leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Often, however, women are told they are not built for these roles and so the climb to get there can seem impossible from the outside looking in. It is through the work of people like Noeline and programmes such as Empower that we can enable women to reclaim their voices and become the leaders we are built so well to be. 


"Success is the top of the iceberg. Underneath the water, there is so much more" 

Dr Clare DesbonnetDr Clare Desbonnet

From an early age, Clare realized that if she could empower people to do the things they were asking her to do, she could free up her time to do what she wanted. Filling her time with the actions that brought her the most happiness and success. As she progressed through her career to become the experienced leader she is today, she understood the importance of balance between her career and her personal life. 

Behind every great leader, there is so much more than data and numbers. From being dedicated, resilient, forming good habits and taking care of yourself, this is what enables people to become the leader they aspire to be. Clare's awareness of the activities that energize her allows her to utilize that power when she is leading her team. Clare shows us that while the technical skills you acquire throughout your career allow you to perform well, it is interpersonal skills that make women the incredible entrepreneurs and leaders they have proven themselves to be. 


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The Empower Explore programme: Learn more about the different programmes, services and help available from The Empower Programme. The programme that addresses specific challenges that hinder females and helps to fast track female-led businesses.

Dublin Rape Crisis Centre: Learn more about the work Noeline is doing with the DRCC.

Empower Evening Interview (56.82 MB)Empower Evening Interview (56.82 MB)


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