Your success is in the teams you build - Margaret Molloy

Margaret Molloy, the Global Chief Marketing Officer of Siegel+Gale New York, talks about harnessing diversity and differences to build the strong teams that will make projects a success.

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Margaret Molloy, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Business Development, Siegel+Gale New York


"Courage is the ability to acknowledge the failure but not let it paralyse you."


Margaret MolloyMy guest on this podcast is Margaret Molloy, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Business Development of Siegel+Gale, New York Office. Siegel + Gale is a prestigious branding agency with offices in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Tokyo and Shanghai. Their clients are household names and huge international brands.

Margaret talks about arriving in New York City as a young graduate on an Enterprise Ireland internship. At the end of her one-year internship, she had fallen in love with the "Big Apple" and didn't want to leave.




Differences and diversity make the most effective teams


When I ask Margaret what she's most proud of, she says that it's the teams she built. As an Irish woman living in New York Margaret has a different perspective. After living in the US for so long, Margaret doesn't feel completely Irish anymore, but she doesn't feel completely American, either. And she relishes having the perspective of an "outsider". This makes her very aware of differences and means she can avoid preconceptions more easily.


Build your own team of advisors


Margaret has some great advice: surround yourself with people who will become your "trusted advisors". Pick an elite squad of wonderful people who will help you move towards your goals faster. This can be an informal list of friends with different roles: those who will support you and encourage you when you're flagging, those who will challenge you to think bigger, those who will bring you a completely different perspective... Margaret says the ability to build great teams is what has made her success possible - and there's no reason you can't start right now.


Marketing tips from the Global Chief Marketing Officer of a world-renowned branding agency


When Margaret shares her best tips about marketing, I listen up. Towards the end of the podcast, Margaret shares two great strategies - the kind of strategic steps that many people sort of know they should be taking, but are not. Margaret also spearheaded the #WearingIrish hashtag on Twitter, to showcase Irish designers, and that's another team effort she's very proud of. 


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