"Going out on a limb: J'aime Nowak, Buffini & Company"

J'aime Nowak shares how success leaves clues, where you can find them and the secrets to consistency.

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J'aime Nowak, Director of Corporate Development at Buffini Company, a senior member of the most successful small business real estate coaching business in all of America, talks us through how she arrived at the decision to take the biggest and smallest steps in her professional life.

"It all comes down to authenticity". Being open and being real is the only thing anybody wants".

J'aime Nowak"J'aime Nowak began her career as a realtor" in Arizona in 1995. She discovered an Irish guy called Brian Buffini, who was at an embryonic stage of building a real estate coaching and mentoring business. She believed in his systems and in using them as a manager, she reversed a six-figure deficit, achieved consistent profitability and created a culture to facilitate harmonious growth within 16 months.

However, one day she got a phone call. It was from Brian Buffini himself. After she had built her life, her home and her business, he asked to move it all to be part of his fast growing company Buffini & Company in 2004. She instantly rejected the offer and told him that he was crazy! Over time, she did make the decision to move her life to pursue that very opportunity in Southern California and during the podcast, she shares with us how she came to that conclusion.

Today, she is Director of Corporate Development, directs the Buffini & Company Mentor School training, and has trained thousands of managers across the country. She also promotes the Buffini & Company Ultimate Office Kitâ„¢ with audiences across North America.

"We all need a lead by lunchtime".

Many of us are in the business of selling, whether that is getting a job, obtaining a client or asking somebody to believe in us. J'aime talks us through what the key things we need to do for exactly that purpose. She gives her own personal take on consistency, communication, seeking out inspiration (and how it can be in the most common of places). She questions us on "what we're taking in". Who are we listening to and how are we turning the insights that are freely available all around us into action?

"There's never the good stuff on the easy path"

J'aime's life hasn't been easy. The Buffini & Company's trajectory hasn't been in a straight line. Yet, she and her colleagues have helped 3,000,000 people in 37 countries to make record making success. 2% of the nation's realtors are clients of Buffini & Company and yet, they're responsible for 1 in 8 sales in America as well as 1 in 7 sales in Canada. Therefore, they know a lot about overcoming setbacks and perseverance in the face of challenge and uncertainty. J'aime outlines the fundamental strategies that we must pursue in order to come out the other side and bring others who are struggling right there with us.

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J'aime makes reference to Brian Buffini's podcast series and you can find that at https://www.thebrianbuffinishow.com/episodes/

She is @jaimenowak on Twitter

Savvy Women Interview with J'aime Womak (19.34 MB)Savvy Women Interview with J'aime Womak (19.34 MB)


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