LEAPing for success: Maura Kelly

In this podcast, Maura Kelly joins Susan for a conversation around balancing strategy and creativity, gender bias in business and the power of collaboration.

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"Remember, you are stronger than you think"

Maura Kelly ImageIn this podcast, Susan is joined by Maura Kelly, Founder of Purple Mountain Media, Advisor, and Educator. Drawing on her success as a multiple Emmy Award-winning TV producer and strategic marketer, Maura launched Purple Mountain Media (PMM). Through PMM, she helps companies and nonprofits drive growth and impact through creative and business initiatives. She takes innovative ideas and gives them the structure, partners, funding, and promotions they need to thrive.

From the beginning of her career in working for an investment company on Wall Street, Maura has adapted to change in her own life and led change in business. With the unprecedented changes that the latest pandemic has brought to businesses, Maura has embraced the need to digitalize events as a way of connecting with women worldwide, an important aspect of life during COVID19 for both her and Susan. 

In speaking about her latest venture into the matter of gender inequality, Maura discusses some of the many aspects of gender bias. She addresses the actions she is taking with the Leadership and Executive Acceleration Program (LEAP) to empower women to take charge of their own lives.

 "Be open and exposed to strategic thinking, it is an evolving mindset"

Working in media, Maura has developed a beautiful balance of creativity and strategy in every project she undertakes. From creating a new show to founding Purple Mountain Media, Maura embraces strategic thinking and more importantly strategic actions at every opportunity. 

In being open to and exposing yourself to new ideas and the people who might harbour those ideas, asking different questions and coming at things with a different point of view, you too can increase the level of strategic action you're taking in your life.

"Women make up 50% of the buying power, and they're not getting their fair share of the pie"

One of the driving forces in Maura's life is a desire to empower women "with the right tools, coaching, and peer support system" to take control of their careers and go after what they want. Whether it be a raise in salary, a new job opportunity or a promotion, LEAP offers women the right help to progress throughout their career. Especially those at the mid-career point. 

In a society built upon conditioning men and women to have vastly different attitudes toward the progression of their career, LEAP actively enables women to see their potential and use their voice to keep moving forward. 

"If you start without the essence, the 'values-to-values', you really could run into trouble"

From working in media, Maura has been exposed to multiple levels of collaboration, which has shown her the depth of its power. Using her apt' for strategy, she describes how coming together to create something as a team can be broken down into two parts; "the essence", and "the form of the collaboration". 

There is often more than enough emphasis on delegating tasks and focusing on the technical skills each person brings to the table. However, Maura draws attention to ensuring that all parties involved are bringing the same values, attitudes, and passions to the collaboration. Without this, Maura explains that a project can never reach its full potential. 

Whether you are in a position to embrace more strategic thinking, action or balancing creativity and strategy like Maura. You may be at a pivot-point in your career or seeking a promotion, or even looking to reach out to someone to collaborate on an upcoming project, this podcast is packed full of insight and advice that will appeal to and fulfil your needs. 


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Take the LEAP: Leadership & Executive Acceleration Program (LEAP™) empowers Irish and Irish-American women to accelerate their careers by providing access to professional insights, mentors, and role models. Learn more about their mission and how they can help you on your career journey over on their website!

A manifesto for female entrepreneurs,  "Acknowledge your survival, appreciate your success and anchor your stability" when did you last give yourself a pat on the back?

Purple Mountain Media: Learn more about Maura Kelly's media company which prides itself on creating impact through content, experiences & connections. 

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