Hard work is not the true differentiator: Mary Ann Pierce

Mary Ann Pierce talks about remaining at the cutting edge of a fast-evolving industry for 20 years and how to cultivate opportunities.

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Mary Ann Pierce, MAP Digital

"Very successful people are in the moment. They honour themselves and the world enough not to project an ego out."

My guest on this podcast is Mary Ann Pierce, CEO and Founder of MAP Digital.


You have to constantly disrupt yourself


Mary Ann has been in a fast-evolving business for the last 20 years. And when I say "fast-evolving"... Her company brings the internet to conferences.

Over the last 20 years she has seen everything from the birth of the internet right down to social media bursting onto the stage. She has has to keep her business model cutting edge and constantly reinvent her offering.

How did she do that? By taking the time to stop the insanity and to enjoy the moment while being of service to others.

The result was a strategic plan she's still following to this day.


How not to become a robot


In this fast-paced environment, in New York, the "city that never sleeps", Mary Ann found herself, like many driven entrepreneurs, constantly working and at risk of becoming a "little robot". 

Listen to the podcast to learn how she did a 180 when she realised she was missing out on opportunities.


Cultivating serendipity and opportunity


What she did instead, was to cultivate her networks, in two directions: a broad, diverse network of stimulating encounters, and a deep network of close, quality relationships.

Because she knew how much missed opportunities had cost her in the past, she followed Warren Buffett's lead to be completely present to the people around her. When you are present, expectant and generous, that's when opportunity comes. In the podcast Mary Ann gives us a list of the strategies she harnesses to be "in the thick of thought".


An incredible time for women and diversity


"Too much sameness is dangerous": when the people around you look just like you everywhere you go, it's time to shake things up and look for diversity. Otherwise you'll never be challenged and you will lose relevancy. 

And, says Mary Ann: "The future is female. Women need to believe in themselves."


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