Julia Lynes from EazyCity

How to successfully and harmoniously grow your company from a two-person team to a whole building teeming with activity.

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Julia Lynes from EazyCity

"18 months from now, where will we be? And most importantly, how will it feel?"

Julia LynesMy guest on this podcast is Julia Lynes, co-founder of EazyCity.

At 23, fresh out of college, Julia created EazyCity to help foreing students find their feet in Cork and in Ireland. Twelve years later, EazyCity has expanded to Dublin, London, and now the US with a successful franchise model.

Julia talks to us about seizing opportunities, how to manage fast growth and doing things on your own terms, while creating a company where people are excited to come to work.

Where do you see yourself in five years' time?

Julia has fantastic experiences and ideas to share when it comes to shaping your future on your own terms.

"Where do you see yourself in five years' time" a very popular interview question; it's also used in coaching and business planning. It can leave many people doubtful: how can we possibly know where we'll be in five years' time? As a highly motivated self-starter, Julia has a great philosophy: have an answer, but don't be too attached to that answer.

It's ok if you can't read into the future, and yes, things change. Still, you absolutely need to have a detailed answer to this question. It's all about preparedness: you need to have a well thought-out ideal scenario - and you need to be able to tweak it or drop it if the situation requires it.

A strong company culture for aggressive growth

EazyCity started out as a two-person team in a tiny rented office twelve years ago. Today, the enterprise takes up a whole building that's already bursting at the seams. How did Julia and her business partner take their company on this amazing growth curve?

They deliberately engineered a very specific company culture. As Julia says, in a phase of fast growth employees might have to work weekends and unsociable hours, so you have to have something else that's appealing enough if you want to attract and retain talent.

In fact, employee satisfaction is one of EazyCity's key KPIs. Find out in the podcast how she leveraged the company newsletter into a "positivity update" to achieve just that.

Self awareness and asking for help

Julia takes time to emphasise how important self awareness is, and how crucial it is to ask for help. Throughout the podcast, you'll hear her mention business workshops she attended with her team, business coaching, mentors...

This helped her set appropriate goals for the business, and it also helped her cast a critical eye on the way she was running the company: "Are we creating more work or more wealth for ourselves?" Work, work and more work wears you out and it's not necessarily the best for the business.

Today, thanks to this self awareness, Julia has been able to extricate herself from the day-to-day minutiae of running the business, in order to have more time for big-picture, strategic thinking.


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