Be true to yourself, push out of your comfort zone

In her podcast, Susan HayesCulleton, the Positive Economist, shares her best stories and tips for business success and productivity.

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Be true to yourself, push out of your comfort zone



In this podcast I discuss two of the principles that led me to success: be true to yourself, and push out of your comfort zone. What do they mean exactly, and how have I applied them in my life - that's what you'll learn when you tune in!


But first - let me introduce my new podcast!

I envision this podcast as a kind of meditation: a privileged time for you to step off the hamster wheel and focus on what you want to achieve in your life and your business. Take a bird's eye view and examine what's holding you back.


You'll often hear me speak about the question "What's the worst that can happen?" I share a story in which this is, quite literally, the 10,000 Euro question!


Then I talk about being true to yourself: it's a wonderful compass and it will help you stop comparing yourself to others negatively (when you say "Oh it's alright for THEM to do this, but I could never do it because...")


It will also help you focus on what you can do right now - what is within your own sphere of influence.


A random note: the podcast was recorded some time ago, so when I say my birthday was two days ago, it's not two days ago from today!


The second principle I hold on to is to push out of my comfort zone. When Penguin asked me to write a book, I enthusiastically said yes - but inside I went "Uh oh." If I'd said "Let me get back to you as I'm not sure I can do it", the opportunity would have been gone forever.


Personal growth only happens when you leave your comfort zone. You don't need to see the finish line, you just need to have a rough idea of what the next step is going to be.


That's also the reason why I speak about all the mistakes I made: I want to give people a realistic view of what it means to be perceived as "successful". If you never try, you'll never fail. But if you never try, you'll never make progress.


Take some time to reflect how my journey and my thoughts apply to your life, and let me know what insights you had!


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Resources mentioned:

Richard Branson, Losing My Virginity

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