How to accelerate success with role models and mentors

I like to take inspiration from people who are ten thousand steps ahead of me and that has helped me tremendously.

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How to accelerate success with role models and mentors


This fourth episode is about seeking out roles models and mentors. You'll hear about how I like to get inspiration from people who are "ten thousand steps ahead of me" and how that has helped me grow as a person and business owner.

Role models are people you might never meet, while mentors might mentor you without them even being aware of it. How is that possible?

The answer lies in your own mindset and attitude.



In this fourth episode, I talk about role models and mentors. This ties in nicely with my previous podcast (see below), in which I talked about approaching people to ask for help and advice. Choosing role models and mentors goes beyond that and requires a deeper commitment. The results are so incredibly worth it!

How to use role models to be the very best version of yourself


Firstly I want to warn you against using somebody else's success to crush your own hopes and dreams. If your first reaction to the story of a successful person is "Why bother, I can never achieve what they did", I entreat you to reconsider. Stop comparing yourself to others in that way, and look for action steps and ideas that you can emulate.


"Be yourself, because everybody else is already taken"


I also talk about observing the success of others, not to copy it blindly, but to choose your own adventure and to be inspired to be uniquely yourself. In the podcast I compare your life to a canvas, and role models and mentors to dots of colour on that canvas: they give you ideas about where you want to go next, but the road that will take you there will very much be your own.


How to choose role models


Role models are everywhere: they can be inaccessible people that you might never meet, people that you are free to idealise and imagine as perfect in order to push yourself to grow. But they can also be "ordinary" people whose mettle and perseverance you admire: family members, friends, acquaintances.

Role models will change as you change


So don't be afraid to pick and choose achievements that you want to emulate, to mix and match role models to suit your own aspirations.


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Additional resources

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The script that you can use to check whether somebody would be open to becoming a mentor is in my book The Savvy Guide to Making More Money, which you can buy in our secure online shop.


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