Winning at life and work: Ciara Conlon

In this episode, Coach Ciara Conlon discusses the recipe for high performing business, knowing your capabilities and setting a successful habit.

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"I realised there was a better way I could be more organised; I could focus. And that was what allowed me to move forward in my life and start reaching some goals."Ciara Conlon Image

In this episode of the Savvy Women Podcast, Susan speaks to Ciara Conlon, founder of Ciara Conlon Coaching. She is a life and leadership coach and productivity expert. Coming from her self-proclaimed experience of being a chaotic and unorganised person, she took the techniques she discovered to become more productive and advises her clients accordingly. Her work allows her to experience the best of working with individuals, helping them achieve their personal goals and working with leaders and teams in a corporate capacity.

Ciara describes how she went from being someone with a flurry of business ideas and no clear direction of how to put those ideas into action to someone proactive in her approach to life, keeping in mind her capabilities and how to keep moving forward when the going gets tough. In addressing her own needs, she has built her business to cater to people who face the problems that once held her back from achieving her full potential.

Insight One: 

"When we really simplify it and focus on the basics, it can up your performance quite a lot."

What does it mean to be a high-performer?

This question is the first thing Ciara addresses in her conversation with Susan. It can sometimes be overwhelming and even debilitating for those with big goals, dreams, and aspirations to know where to begin their journey.

Ciara explains that this is entirely normal. The key to fulfilling your potential is to start with understanding what's possible and how you can redefine what's possible for you. She explains that by starting with the basics, you can improve your performance by looking at your essential needs, such as a healthy balanced diet and getting regular exercise, while also being more organised. 


Insight Two:

"You can do anything but not everything."

Ciara speaks about how she prioritised her workload when juggling a lot of things at once. For example, when she was president of network Dublin, in the process of beginning her masters in business and hoping to write her first book, she knew that she couldn't do it all.

The key thing for her was, she realised what was achievable for her at the moment. So she took the steps needed to minimise her workload and ensure she had the time to work on what she wanted, writing her book. As a result, she wrote her book in six months and delivered 50,000 words—a goal she achieved through breaking it down into smaller, more achievable targets.

Insight Three: 

"Once you successfully create one habit, it can change the way you see yourself."

In addressing the art of creating a good habit, which Susan has promoted in the past, Ciara explained how learning to make a habit can transform the way you live your life. When setting a habit, remember to choose something very hard to say no to, whether you aim to start writing, walking or organising your calendar. Ciara recommends committing to something achievable, such as 10 minutes of walking. If you feel motivated and walk for another 20 minutes, then all the better, but even if you want to stop after the 10 minutes, you will still have achieved your goal.

Ciara's willingness to be open and honest to discuss her experience resulted in an insightful podcast. You can find a plethora of advice, tips, and techniques in the podcast that will inspire you to fulfil your personal and professional potential. So whether you decide to organise your calendar or create a new habit, Ciara will show you the way forward. 

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