How to build self-confidence - with Carmel O'Keeffe, CEO of Dress for Success Cork.

Carmel is an extraordinary role model. She has immense empathy, kindness, and huge talent at motivating people.

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How to build self-confidence - with Carmel O'Keeffe, CEO of Dress for Success Cork.


This seventh episode is about confidence. My special guest is Carmel O'Keeffe, founder and CEO of Dress for Success Cork. Carmel is an extraordinary role model: the empathy and kindness she brings to her latest venture at Dress for Success, coupled with her immense talent at motivating people, have brought about some extraordinary results.

I'm very excited to bring you this new podcast format, in which I interview some of the amazing people whose path I have been blessed to cross. I have many more fascinating guests coming up, and I'm curious what you think of this format!

Savvy Women Podcast Episode 7 (33.72 MB)Savvy Women Podcast Episode 7 (33.72 MB)


In this seventh episode, I talk to Carmel O'Keeffe about "learning to dance in the rain". At Dress for Success Cork, Carmel and her team of dedicated volunteers help unemployed women go back to work. Very often their self-confidence is in tatters. Carmel and her team of professionals will help these women rebuild their confidence and renew their belief in themselves. The results are astounding, as you'll hear in the interview.


That day I had to practice what I preach!


One of my first contacts with Carmel was when Siobhan Finn of CorkInnovates asked me to speak at the launch of Dress for Success. It just happened that, on the day I received Siobhan's call, I felt "down in the dumps" - I had just failed a difficult professional exam. That call was just what I needed to dust myself off and get going again - and I was able to share that experience with the audience at the launch.


"But I'm only a housewife"


When a woman becomes a Dress for Success client, the first appointments are all about changing her perspective and making her realise that she has achieved some momentous things in her life. Like running a household and raising children. Listen how Carmel turns things around by showing these women they have the skills of a managing director.


"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain"


This was Carmel's motto at difficult times in her life. She shares how she overcame adversity and how we always have a choice - there is always a solution and this resonates with my core value of focusing on what you can do.


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Dress for Success Cork's Facebook page

Their Twitter handle is @DFSCork

I wrote about Dress for Success on The Positive Economist blog.

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