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If you're looking for inspiration and practical advice from world-class professionals, check out the Savvy Women Podcast! Although this podcast series is no longer running, it still offers valuable insights that can help you achieve success in your personal and professional life. In each episode, Susan HayesCulleton CFA interviews experts from various fields, sharing their stories and strategies for success. By listening to these episodes, you can gain valuable knowledge and inspiration that can help you reach your goals. So take this opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business! Tune into any of our 25 episodes of the Savvy Women Podcast today and start implementing these practical success strategies in your own life.

Nov 2021
In this episode, Coach Ciara Conlon discusses the recipe for high performing business, knowing your capabilities and setting a successful habit.
Oct 2020
In this podcast you will hear live interviews from three women Mary McKenna, Lorraine Heskin and Niamh McKenna on their experiences of being entrepreneurs scaling a business and the drive it takes to get there.
Oct 2020
In this podcast you will hear a live panel discussion with three women Sinead Carroll, Aoife McNamara and Charlene Flanagan on building a brand-influencer relationship setting short and long-term goals and engaging with your online community.
Oct 2020
In this podcast you will hear a live discussion from Noelline Blackwell and Clare Desbonnet an invite-only event around women's struggle to find their own voice and the balance of being a leader at home and in work.
Aug 2020
In this podcast, Maura Kelly joins Susan for a conversation around balancing strategy and creativity, gender bias in business and the power of collaboration.
Jul 2020
In this podcast, Jacky Fox discusses the necessity of cybersecurity, why you should start thinking about your data and what you can you do to secure your families, your homes, and businesses.
Jun 2020
From listening to the market to cultivating community over competition Helena Gilhooly illustrates how we can wield the power of the digital world to build our businesses from the ground up.
May 2020
Taking risks, believing in yourself and finding the support you need to follow your dreams. Susan is joined this week by Irish country singer Mags McCarthy.
Apr 2020
Denise McQuaid joins Susan to discuss the power of embracing change, cultivating a global network through curiosity and the necessity of diversity in business.
Apr 2020
Women in politics, global reaching businesses and enabling micro-enterprises, Lorraine Higgins joins Susan for today's podcast.
Apr 2020
Fiona Deehan discusses how being a 'cára' or good friend can influence the wellbeing of your team, your family, and even your community.
Nov 2019
In this podcast,Brid Horan unveils the necessary tools for success, "getting in the way" of your own career and gender balance in business.
Sep 2019
Michelle Laux discusses the CFA exam, the importance of a can-do attitude and managing change in her career.
Jul 2019
Amy Todd shares how she created a startup driven by a deeply held purpose of preserving childhood.
May 2019
J'aime Nowak shares how success leaves clues, where you can find them and the secrets to consistency.
Oct 2018
Joan Mulloy talks about taking leaps of faith and managing your emotions to stay on course when the seas are rough!
Jul 2018
Amanda Newman, The Career Mum, talks about coping with redundancy, leaving with your head held high, and how her professionalism landed her a new prestigious job.
Jun 2018
Irene Cheung, Principal of Colégio Mateus Ricci, a Catholic school in Macau, talks about finding your path and overcoming doubt by listening to encouragement.
Mar 2018
Margaret Molloy, the Global Chief Marketing Officer of Siegel+Gale New York, talks about harnessing diversity and differences to build the strong teams that will make projects a success.
Jan 2018
Oonagh O'Hagan, Owner and Managing Director at Meagher's Pharmacy Group, talks about falling in love with the original Meagher's shop and choosing an effective growth strategy in a very competitive sector.
Dec 2017
Bonnie Anley, Chair of Foyle Port in Northern Ireland, talks about the fascinating subject of governance and the real reason why board rooms need more women - and how to become a board member.
Nov 2017
Roseann Kelly, Chief Executive of Women In Business Northern Ireland, talks about the importance of women business networks, making a network association sustainable and international expansion.
Oct 2017
Maeve Kneafsey, co-founder of CloudKPI, talks about creating a tech startup, constantly reinventing yourself and going international.
Jul 2017
Aisling Curtis, Commercial Director, Microsoft Ireland talks about the impact of the digital revolution on SMEs, how to be a "learn-it-all" and how to make decisions amidst uncertainty.
Jun 2017
Charlene Mercieca of Soap Cafe Malta shares her experience dealing with a terrifying health diagnosis when you have to keep your business running.
May 2017
Caroline McEnery of The HR Suite shares her experience dealing with one of the most sensitive aspects of business: people.
Apr 2017
Peaches Kemp of itsa Bagel fame talks about training their own competition, doubling their business in a recession and her passion for excellent food.
Mar 2017
Mary Ann Pierce talks about remaining at the cutting edge of a fast-evolving industry for 20 years and how to cultivate opportunities.
Aug 2016
Ashleigh O'Hagan is a gymnast and Special Olympian. She talks about finding role models in unlikely places and never giving up on your dreams.
Jun 2016
How ambition and having fun at work go hand in hand, how to "put money in the little guy's pocket" when you're a multinational, and retaining a sense of exhilarating urgency and excitement as your organisation grows.
May 2016
Why so few women participated in politics until recently, and how to change that: the skills required to run for an election, or to be politically active even when you don't want to run yourself.
Mar 2016
How to successfully and harmoniously grow your company from a two-person team to a whole building teeming with activity.
Jan 2016
Don't let self-doubt or fear define you. It is still possible to achieve impossible things, even though you don't feel 100% certain that you have all the answers.
Dec 2015
What strategies I've used to do all the things I want to do, and feel energised and on top of the world, instead of drained and stressed.
Nov 2015
Employees and business people alike are salespeople. Improve your salesmanship, ethically, by proudly serving customers to the best of your ability.
Oct 2015
Susan talks to Margaret Griffin, founder of Griffin Garden Centre in Dripsey, Co. Cork. Thirty years ago Margaret created a garden centre "out in the sticks" with no money but a big dream. Today it is Ireland's
Sep 2015
How to create more opportunities by speaking in public and delivering a great, impactful presentation.
Aug 2015
How to maintain a culture of excellence as your business grows. With Deirdre McGlone, manager of Harvey's Point.
Jul 2015
How to give an irresistible answer to "Why should we give you the job?" or "Why should we buy from you?"
Jun 2015
Freelancers know the "feast or famine cycle": all the work seems to come at once, then nothing comes for a while. Other businesses are seasonal. How to avoid a dry spell.
May 2015
Joanna has a very original career, having started and sold businesses before becoming an "intrapreneur".
Apr 2015
Carmel is an extraordinary role model. She has immense empathy, kindness, and huge talent at motivating people.
Mar 2015
This episode is about how to think strategically and become a money-making idea machine.
Feb 2015
As the Positive Economist, having a can-do attitude is my brand. Was I always like that? No, but I learned to be - and you can, too.
Jan 2015
I like to take inspiration from people who are ten thousand steps ahead of me and that has helped me tremendously.
Dec 2014
This third episode is about discovering opportunities where you thought there were none, and especially asking for help.
Nov 2014
In this second episode I discuss strategies that will help you stave off overwhelm and be immensely more productive. But these are not just productivity tips...
Oct 2014
In her podcast, Susan HayesCulleton, the Positive Economist, shares her best stories and tips for business success and productivity.