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Savvy Women Online is your place for support, motivation and solid, practical advice to dream bigger and achieve more. 


At Savvy Women Online, we'll help you and cheer you on every step of the way:


Gain confidence and clarity


Know what you want, and know how to get it, thanks to concrete, step-by-step actionable advice.

Stop constantly second-guessing yourself: you don't need to have all the answers from the start.

Turn fear into fire: say goodbye to paralysing doubt and feel liberated when you take action!


If you want to know the road ahead, ask those coming back


Get inspiration, invaluable tips and know-how from women who encountered the same obstacles and overcame them to achieve professional success. Listen to the podcast.


The five days that can change your life


If you want to go back to the workplace after years taking care of your family, if you want to break out of a rut and move to the next level in your career, join us on a five-day live course to turbo-charge your future.

Meet like-minded women and guest speakers who will share their expertise and boost your confidence by laying out the practical action steps to reach your goals.



Meet the Savvy Women Online Team


Susan Hayes, Founder

Susan is an international keynote speaker, a financial trainer and a Chartered Financial Analyst. She has always been fascinated by the world of business: at three she started a "travel agency" selling faraway destinations to her dolls and teddy bears... Apparently her customers were always delighted with her service!   

SusanHer vision is a world in which women are confident in their abilities and stop comparing themselves to others only to find themselves wanting. A world in which women don't constantly play down their immense skills and abilities

There is room for the super-confident, super-ambitious careerwoman, and there is room for the stay-at-home mammy who loves her home and family - but still wants the stimulation and challenge of an exciting job. Both of them want to lead fulfilling lives and fully manifest their potential.



Ardle Culleton, Founder

ArdleArdle is a Qualified Financial Advisor with the Institute of Bankers and a member of the CFA Society Ireland. He has twenty years' experience in the financial industry: Stock Market Investing, #DIYInvestor, Investment Clubs, Life & Pensions.

He has seen how women sometimes hold themselves back and doubt themselves, when they're perfectly qualified and more than able for a job. Because it is so sad that their potential remains hidden instead of flourishing, Ardle came on board the Savvy Women project from day 1.


Caroline Maher, Personal Assistant to Susan HayesCulleton


CarolineAfter years at home taking care of the children, Caroline wanted a job that would allow her to make the most of her splendid organizational skills: running a house efficiently and raising children without losing your sanity doesn't happen by accident, after all.

However, she was worried that employers would only see the "mammy" in her, and that it wouldn't be possible to get the flexibility she absolutely needed

She has found it all by working from home as a personal assistant. When she first started out, she had never sent an email: now she coordinates schedules over different time zones, updates blogs and websites and fulfills online orders - it's all in a day's work. And she's on time to pick up the children from school. And bake them scones and buns.


Julie Duran-Gelléri, Web Content Manager and Editor


Julie resizedJulie had always wanted to be a writer, but well-meaning adults would keep mentioning how it's difficult to make a living from it, and why not look into other career options... Today she makes exactly that - a living from writing.

She learned sales and marketing on her own, thanks to books, online courses and good old trial and error. Everything can be learned: just because you don't know how to do something today, doesn't mean that will always be the case.

The most important things she learned, though, are to stop saying no to yourself, and to constantly ask "What's the worst that could happen?"

(Julie would also like you to know that she has tasted Caroline's scones and they're out of this world!)

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