Going Back To The Workplace

This course is for you if you've spent the last few years at home and want to go back to work, but you're not sure where to start.

Moving To The Next Level In Your Career

This course is for you if you'd like to turbo-boost your career, because you have a sneaky feeling that there is more to life than just "the daily grind".


Going Back To The Workplace


For women who have spent the last few years at home, but want to go back to work, for so many reasons:

The money would certainly be nice...  

It's not easy raising a family on only one income

Meeting new people

We love our family, but it can feel isolating when you only ever talk to the same small circle of people week in, week out...

The challenge and stimulation

Let's admit it, we don't want everything in our life to be limited to the home. We love our little nest, but we also want to be spreading our wings and try new things, discover and expand.


But then all the doubts start battering down on us...

Who would want to hire us?

We've spent the last few years taking care of our families... Not sure that's what employers are looking for, exactly!

We need the flexibility, but we're afraid it's "take it or leave it"

Isn't it "all or nothing"? Either you work a 50-hour week, or you're jobless. There doesn't seem to be a middle way, but we can't just drop everything at home and suddenly reappear at the dinner table on Friday evening after a week at work.

We'll feel VERY self-conscious going back to a workplace full of young bright things...

How do you dress? When we look at our wardrobe, we're afraid it's what they call "frumpy"... What do you talk about? If everybody goes on about their wild night out at the weekend, they might not be interested to hear that our eldest is learning to read and our youngest is taking her first steps.

Everything feels so rusty

It's been years since we were in an office - hasn't everything changed? We feel outdated. And guilty that our parents paid for our college education, all for nothing. 

It sounds like an obstacle course - is it all worth it?

Tearing your hair out trying to write a good CV and cover letter, knocking on all those doors and never hearing back - and then the suspicion that our wages will just get swallowed up in getting a work-appropriate wardrobe, filling up the tank for the commute and all those extra expenses. Is it really worth the hassle?


The good news is: all these obstacles can be overcome.

They only seem huge in your head.

Join us for five days that will change your life.

Assess exactly where you're at, get feedback from professional women who successfully answered all the questions that make your head spin. Get a new perspective and practical tips you can implement right now to set new goals and reach them!



Moving To The Next Level In Your Career


How do you spice up a career that has become a bit routine?

You have the feeling that you're doing all the work and other people get the credit

You have ideas, but nobody seems to be interested in your ideas very much - it's like your bosses think you're there just to execute on other people's ideas.

You're told that you need to be patient, that raises are frozen at the time - and then somebody else gets a promotion, for a position that nobody told you was available.

Perhaps everything is going fine in your career, but what was challenging six years ago now feels routine. You certainly don't want to "go through the motions" for the rest of your working life.

And if you're honest with yourself, you realise that some of it is your responsibility: why do you speak up so seldom? Why do you always grin and bear it, when it's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease? You know you cling to your comfort zone and you're not happy with that, but how do you stop doing only what is safe?

You're afraid that, if you start asserting yourself and your ideas, you will be called "abrasive", "aggressive" and that it will stall your career.

You've heard that "leaning in" is all the rage, but you're not sure how to "lean" without falling flat on your face...


The good news is: there is a way, there are many ways.

Come and meet the women who have done it and will show you how.

Join us on our five-day course and meet other women who want more from their career.

Work through a complete game plan that will fuel your ambition, give you the challenge you crave, and show you systematic, practical ways to up your game and turbo-charge your work life.



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