How to believe in yourself and make things happen.

As the Positive Economist, having a can-do attitude is my brand. Was I always like that? No, but I learned to be - and you can, too.

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How to believe in yourself and make things happen.


This fifth episode is about how to believe in yourself and believe that you can make things happen. My co-host Julie asks, with her tongue firmly in her cheek, whether I have a 'magic touch'. After all, being positive and having a can-do attitude is my brand. Was I always like that?

The answer of course, is no - but I learned to be. Looking for a way around obstacles is a skill that you can learn and practice.

If you have trouble switching off the negative voice in your head, what you need is a change in perspective.

Savvy Women Podcast Episode 5 (29.98 MB)Savvy Women Podcast Episode 5 (29.98 MB)


In this fifth episode, I talk about cultivating a positive attitude in which you're constantly looking for opportunities. Because the more you look for opportunities, the more of course you will be able to spot them. We usually have no problem seeing all the obstacles we have to face. But instead of giving up, you simply need to come up with a strategy to deal with each obstacle.

The worst-case scenario is if you do nothing


In other words, you're already living the worst-case scenario if you haven't taken action yet. Anything you do above and beyond that is a huge step forward. Even the smallest, seemingly most insignificant thing you can do right now is a step in the right direction. And if you really think about it, the answer to "What's the worst that can happen?" is actually "Nothing much, really". So go for it!


You know that voice in your head? The one that goes 'I don't know why I even bother, it will never work'?


We would never, ever put up with another person daring to talk to us like that. We would consider it psychological abuse of the worst sort, because that's exactly what it is. So why do we do it to ourselves?!


Each obstacle simply needs a strategy: 'if this, then that'


My co-host Julie takes the example of somebody who gives up on a diet before they've even started. It's true that diets are notoriously hard to follow through, so I'm sure many of us can relate! Indeed diets feel like an obstacle course, with temptations lurking around every corner. So you need to come up with a strategy for each obstacle you're likely to encounter: "if X happens, then I can do Y to overcome that obstacle".


The strategy is the same, it doesn't matter which objective you aim for. Julie asks me about a theoretical case study of a stay-at-home mum who would like to maybe start a business or go back to work - but sure who will hire a mammy? Listen to all the ideas I have to overcome all the obstacles Julie lobs at me!


And when you start using this strategy, you're practicing your perspective-changing skill and reinforcing your can-do muscle!


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